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Play as Hood, a small and innocent character who cannot recall their past. Looking for where they came from and who they are, Hood explores a dark and mysterious, dreamlike world filled with interesting creatures to meet or fight. Take Hood along their journey to unlock the mysteries of the chilling world.


  • Pause/Menu: ESC
  • Jump: SPACE (hold for longer jump time)
  • Strafe: A and D
  • Interact: E
  • Melee Attack: LEFT MOUSE BUTTON
  • Ranged Attack: RIGHTMOUSE BUTTON

— in development

Install instructions

We suggest playing in "windowed mode" as of right now, to easily exit the game since the buttons in the pause menu broke


Elusive v0.1.zip 34 MB


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'esc' button does not work, and i had a dev log at the bottom of the screen. The art style is smooth, and consistent/unified, it can be a tad hard to see the player character at times, but nonetheless pretty good